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"There’s a famous shot of me, of Tupac and Biggie, and it’s on Vibe magazine, and in the corner, it’s at a Club Glam Slam downtown LA. I’m in the corner, just twisting my hair, looking at both of them, and it’s crazy ‘cause I saw both of them before they got shot."

Marlon Wayans


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few tips for people with vaginas




1. Use baby wipes every time.
2. Drink at least 5 bottles of water a day
3. Incorporate grapefruit, pineapples, mangos, watermelon, berries, & yogurt into your diet.
4. Exfoliate before you shave.
5. Use tea tree oil to moisturize the areas that you shave.
6. Use the tea tree oil daily.
7. Take your vitamins.
8. Invest in a soap that’s just for your vagina.

You’re welcome.

My tongue thanks her in advance.


yess… God’s Rules!!

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